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certifications for the talent management community

As evaluation experts, People Experts offers training and certification in the Assessment and Development Center reference methodology.


interview by competencies

Provides structuring of the interview, ensuring objectivity and homogeneity in the process of collecting competence indicators and their subsequent classification and evaluation.


S - Example situation

A - Action or activities carried out (behaviors put into play)

R - Results obtained or consequences

C - Comparison with best performers

A - Learnings or knowledge acquired from experience




ORCE- Observation, Registration, Classification, Evaluation

Methodology recognized worldwide and used by the most important companies in their evaluation processes, for its objectivity and rigor to support decisions on human capital and align the talent management strategy with the corporate strategies or of a specific department.


All People Experts consultants are certified in this methodology for the competence assessment of professionals, following a homogeneous and equitable structure throughout the entire process.



It guarantees homogeneity in the evaluation process through simulation exercises and in the process of integrating all the information collected.

Especially suitable for high-volume processes or with several participants competing for the same position, as well as in certification processes for sales networks or teams.


People Experts offers these trainings in various formats:


  • Virtual (webinar) or face-to-face

  • Open or In Company


It takes place in eminently practical sessions designed for participants to acquire the knowledge and skills of design and execution in competence assessment.


Fundamental aspects are addressed such as:

  • Basic principles of competency assessment

  • Design of competency matrices

  • Design of an evaluation session

  • Competency assessment

  • Feedback session

  • Preparation of POIs

Participants will be able to obtain the Official People Expert-SHL Certification, becoming part of the largest Talent Management Community in the world!

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