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People Experts e -Cases

These are situational simulation exercises or business cases, developed by People Experts, which preserve the technique of exercises or face-to-face cases, for the evaluation of direct observation of skills remotely and virtually.


In evaluation processes, people's professional future is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to have the maximum information to objectify the decisions to attract and manage talent.

People Experts, as a Digital Talent Consultant, makes the TEST STATION platform available to clients, with psychometrically validated techniques in order to have solid complementary information to make correct decisions


The People Experts e-Cases platform allows the virtualization of skills assessment through simulation or situational exercises.
These types of cases or exercises confront the professional with a series of specific tasks of analysis, organization and planning, decision-making, such as primary assessment competencies, and additionally to another series of secondary competencies, such as innovation, flexibility, orientation to change, to sale, to people, etc.


  • Secure online access for participants.

  • Integration of the evaluations of several evaluators / consultants based on objective scoring guidelines.

  • Generate automatic reports of results.

  • Optimize costs and streamline processes, even as work prior to the virtual / face-to-face evaluation.

  • Possibility of loading customized or specific exercises for the client.

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Multi platform



Cross valuations

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