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People Analytics solutions allow the organization to know its current talent at a specific time, with a global vision, usually linking it to a strategic objective of the company.


In evaluation processes, the professional future of people is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to have the maximum information to objectify the decisions of attraction and management of talent.

People Experts, as a Digital Talent Consultant, makes the TEST STATION platform available to clients, with psychometrically validated techniques in order to have solid complementary information to make correct decisions


The use of objective data or Big Data of talent to identify the existing gaps in relation to the objectives of the organization allows:

  • Identify areas of development in a group.

  • Link business objectives with results.

  • Anticipate the succession and plan ahead.

  • Get a diagnosis of where the person is and where they want to be (career plan).

For an objective decision making, with minimized risk, that favors the success of the professional and, therefore, of the organization.

Some of the questions talent managers ask
  • Where are the talent gaps in the company?

  • Where is the potential in the company?

  • What level of talent do we have?

  • Where to focus development investments to obtain the highest return?

  • Where are the future managers and leaders (HIPOs)?

To shape successful HR strategies and policies
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