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Virtual Talent Assessment Platform

VITA is the Virtual Assessment platform




In evaluation processes, people's professional future is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to have the maximum information to objectify the decisions to attract and manage talent.

People Experts, as a Digital Talent Consultant, makes the TEST STATION platform available to clients, with psychometrically validated techniques in order to have solid complementary information to make correct decisions

The Talent Management Community of organizations has a great challenge today: To be able to evaluate people in a totally virtual way, with the same guarantees of homogeneity and objectivity that are achieved in person.

Within the VITA HR Ecosystem, People Experts has developed a specific platform for the assessment and development center processes, fully integrable with the rest of the modules or for independent use in evaluations that need to be carried out remotely.



  • PRESENTIAL evaluations, through tablets, digitizing the entire process for candidates.

  • VIRTUAL or remote evaluations, without the need for candidates, evaluators or clients to travel, with cost savings and complete security.

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  • Automatic and immediate results reports, with customer access the same day of the evaluation.

  • Integration with other People Experts evaluation platforms

  • Flexible and customizable to each process and client (profiles to be evaluated, models of competencies, exercises and tests to be carried out, etc.)

  • Combine evaluation with development management.

  • Possibility of managing high or low volume processes of participants .

  • Virtual or digital-face-to-face solution with continuous monitoring by expert consultants in the management of this solution.

  • People Experts consultants with more than 8 years of experience in evaluation, certified in ORCE and SARCA methodologies, and in virtual process management.




From small groups to large groups


Certified Consultants


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