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Mission People Experts

At People Experts we are committed to offering innovation and timeliness in solutions for the detection, evaluation and development of talent to our Clients and the Talent Management Community, incorporating the latest technologies for the digitization and virtualization of projects.

VALUES People Experts
  • Research and development vocation to keep us updated as People Experts.

  • Priority and commitment to Quality in working with our clients and with people, as the most important asset of organizations.

  • Ethics and business excellence, with our clients, teams and society.



People Experts is a guarantee of innovation and timeliness in solutions for the detection, evaluation and development of talent in each organization, incorporating the latest technologies.

  • People Experts brings more than 30 years as experts in talent management, assessment, development and online platforms for the evaluation of people in the workplace to turn it into business results:

    • More objectivity.

    • Better decisions.

    • More chances of success.

  • People Experts is a Comprehensive Consultancy for the design of solutions in the field of Human Resources, present in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, and a network of distributors in LATAM).



People Experts and the European University initiated a collaboration agreement for psychometric research on talent evaluation in April 2016, through the so-called People Experts Chair, renewed in 2019 for two more years, with additional studies on the application of models psychometrics for the development of tools and tests for evaluating people in the workplace.

The fundamental objective is the psychometric analysis of the tests and online evaluation questionnaires of People Experts (Test Station platform), both for the design, updating and improvement of the tools and reports, offering all our clients the scientific solidity and technical documentation necessary. to improve its talent attraction and evaluation processes.

This Chair is developed under the direction of the UEM School of Doctorate and Research, made up of a specialist team of psychometrists, to which People Experts warmly thanks their work and contributions, also on behalf of all our clients.

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