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public administration

More than 30 years of experience in massive process management.


In evaluation processes, people's professional future is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to have the maximum information to objectify the decisions to attract and manage talent.

People Experts, as a Digital Talent Consultant, makes the TEST STATION platform available to clients, with psychometrically validated techniques in order to have solid complementary information to make correct decisions

differential people experts

People Experts has a specific Area for the comprehensive management of massive public employment processes


  • Web application for candidate registration

  • Accreditation process and merits

  • Publication and communication of admitted lists

  • Complete logical preparation of the exam day (classrooms, applicators, process management)

  • Creation, design and printing of materials (own reprographics department)

  • Exam correction (own readers)

  • Claims management and certification of results

Comprehensive process

This area has a team dedicated to ensuring:

Maximum security throughout the process.

Secure storage with video surveillance

Commitment to confidentiality.

Anonymity Guarantee

Robust design and creation of ad hoc tests

Qualified team with extensive experience in the different phases of a Public Job Offer project.

High quality logistics methodology

Our methodology and tools are aimed at increasing the efficiency of high-volume selective processes, minimizing delivery times and risks.

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ISO 10667


Development of custom tests

Own copyright

Not accessible


Wide portfolio of tests


Large team of consultants with experience in massive processes


Own reprography

Data reading

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