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ORCE- Observation, Registration, Classification, Evaluation

Methodology recognized worldwide and used by the most important companies in their evaluation processes, for its objectivity and rigor to support decisions on human capital and align the talent management strategy with the corporate strategies or of a specific department.

All People Experts consultants are certified in this methodology for the competence assessment of professionals, following a homogeneous and equitable structure throughout the entire process.


In evaluation processes, people's professional future is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to have the maximum information to objectify the decisions to attract and manage talent.

People Experts, as a Digital Talent Consultant, makes the TEST STATION platform available to clients, with psychometrically validated techniques in order to have solid complementary information to make correct decisions

People Experts offers you the best solutions based on their experience and know-how in evaluation applied to selection processes in:

Selection Programs
Recurring coverage of positions in organizations needs to implement unified criteria and specific methodology of the process. The clearest examples are the sales force or graduate coverage processes.

Headhunting of Managers and Executives
Strategic positions within the company require specialized treatment and expertise. A direct search is not enough; a careful assessment process is necessary to ensure that the skills, motivations and values of the professional will fit with the strategy and culture of the organization.

With the best solutions and tools, People Experts offers you time and cost efficiency, objectification and efficiency in your selection and evaluation processes.

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