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  • Online and virtual solution, which facilitates the systematized collection of the evaluations of the evaluated person and evaluators.

  • Multilingual, for the management of processes that include participants from all over the world.

  • Graphic reports with the contrast of scores between the different groups and the evaluated one.

  • Confidential and secure, safeguarding the transparency of the evaluation process.

Stang-up Meeting


  • 24/7 high availability and concurrency

  • Flexible and customizable for a standard application or flexible adaptation to the organization's competence framework.

  • Fully automatic in the generation of results.

  • With Helpdesk service of response in less than 24 hours, to give support and attention to participants and raters.

  • With the possibility of combining with the PRISMA Questionnaire to validate the process and compare Performance with Potential.

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