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Best practice: Sales network assessment

How to implement a market positioning strategy as a reference brand in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our client had a clear strategy to position itself in the market as a benchmark brand in customer satisfaction and loyalty. A fundamental step to achieve this was to align the competency profile of the Sales Network and identify possible gaps that would allow the Brand to implement action plans aimed at developing towards the new profile defined to achieve the strategic objective.

The opportunity

To obtain an objective diagnosis of the competency profile of the network, to have a clear model against which to contrast the profile of the new additions to the Brand, and to use data Analytics to have a large volume of data to provide valuable metrics for decision making.

The solution

Implement a certification process for the competency profile of the Sales Network through a Virtual Assessment methodology using the VITA platform. This platform allows an in-depth, complete and objective evaluation of the network's profile.

People Experts offer

  • Pre-work online: competency questionnaire, motivation questionnaire and manager assessment.

  • Assessment: group dynamics, role-play, interview, self-perception questionnaire and technical skills questionnaire.

  • Feedback session of the day.


Growth of 17 positions in the customer satisfaction and loyalty index, placing third in the market.

Next steps

  • Maintain the certification process for new recruits in the commercial network.

  • Introduce improvements to optimise the process.

  • Continue with specific action plans for the development of the commercial network.

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